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Raising Hands


Let’s Succeed Together

Providing teachers with social, emotional, and academic strategies and tools that support them on their toughest teachings’ days.

Be Bold

Believe in your teaching ability.  We support teachers with social, emotional, and academic resources and tools that instill self-confidence on their toughest teaching days.

Be empowered to embrace your class’s uniqueness and challenges and boldly teach the students through those tough moments.

Embrace and Create Change

We provide a roadmap to help teachers overcome educational barriers by providing meaningful tools and strategies to create change in their classrooms.

Think it through, build up your courage, and make your case to initiate change. If there is no precedent, make it.

Focus on your Teaching Destiny

We assist teachers’ in defining their “teaching superpower” and perform it as they are meant to and beyond.  

Learn to start your own engine and move forward with your teaching journey that brings a deeper level of satisfaction, joy, hope, and meaning.

How we support our teachers:

  • Provide a problem-solving teaching model with strategies that support teachers to deal with academic, social, and emotional challenges in their classroom with parents, students, and school staff.

  • Provide encouragement and advice through school training, 1:1 coaching session, small group, video webinars, and Planning Period teacher's App.

  • Provide therapeutic support and adequate teaching resources that move teachers' social, emotional, and academic forward in their classroom. Teachers will gain perspective and not lose control while teaching.

Core Values: Welcome
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